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Jean Shaw

Did you know 51% of small businesses don't own a website and of those who

do, 80% are dissatisfied with what they've got?

Were you aware there's been a real shift in the way people shop in recent years,

with an increasing number of consumers shopping online?

Love it or hate it, the Internet is here to stay and whilst it's still known best as the

Information Highway, it's fast replacing the High Street in terms of how people

make their purchasing decisions.

If you're a business owner you absolutely NEED a website, and unless you have

an online presence you WILL unquestionably soon be left behind.

When people leave their house these days, they take three things with them:-

• their keys,

• their cash,

• their mobile phone

As most phones are "smart" phones these days, their owners don't even have to log on to a computer to access the Internet, and soon technology will make it possible to buy with your phones built-in scanners, so there will be no need to carry cash or credit cards.

So, if you're one of the 51% of small business owners who don't have a website, let me ask you something …


Is it the cost?

Is it the lack of technical knowledge to both build and maintain one?

Or, maybe you don't think you really need one?

After all, you've managed so far without one haven't you?  

The trouble is that's what they said about the car, the television,
the microwave, the computer AND the mobile phone!

Any warning bells ringing yet?

If your only form of business promotion is local newspapers and the Yellow Pages, YOU need to re-think your marketing strategy.

No serious business owner uses these out-dated methods as their sole form of promotion any more.

Times are changing.

The horse and cart have gone and you have to move with the times.

If you already have a website - congratulations!

Check here to see if it’s mobile friendly.

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