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Jean Shaw

Have you ever thought about having your own conference room?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay in touch with clients, customers,  staff, friends, and family WITHOUT having to leave your home or office, you might want to consider GVOConference.

Here’s how I used my conference room to stay in touch with my son who has autism when he was in residential college in Lincolnshire. The X-factor was playing in the background for him at the time and please excuse the echo.  

It was completely unprofessional of me but I didn’t realise I had my  speakers on as well as my headphones, and obviously I couldn’t do a retake.


See more about autism at

Web Conference Room

Actually there’s NOW an There’s an even less expensive way to have your own conference room, which is a mini-version called MeetCheap,

This provides a 20 seat room as opposed to the 50 seat room you get with GVOConference.

Don’t be fooled by the name though...

...there’s nothing “cheap” about MEETCHEAP!

I’ve left the BEST until last!

If you want a complete web hosting package which includes a 5 seat web conference room PLEASE check out  HostThenProfits,

For only $9.97 per month, which is approximately £6.20

you get  hosting for 4 sites, an auto-responder service,
blog, video hosting, as well as the conference room and
a business opportunity.