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Video recording was taken from
Tales From The Country
a Kingfisher Production for
Country Life shown on ITV
 in 2004 featuring the presenter
Selina Scott.

Littleport Video

Littleport is best known for three things -

1)  Speed Skating on the frozen ice

2)  Littleport "Bread" Riots of 1816

3)  Harley-Davidson connection

Littleport Boat Yard Littleport Railway Littleport Harley Davidson Connection

As there is no actual port here,and Littleport is inland, the locals or "Little Portians" as they are sometimes referred to have various ideas as to how the village got its name -  

1)  There used to be an active port here at some time.

2)  The Queen passed through it one day on the train and said, "Oh - what a little port".

Actually, Littleport is of immense historical interest because it was built on the main Roman Road and during Roman times was used to offload salt from the North Norfolk coast so the army could pay their troops.

 Littleport Boat Yard

 Littleport Railway

 Littleport Harley Davidson Connection

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