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In 1947, many parts of Great Britain suffered from a major flood, and
Littleport was no exception.

It was due to exceptionally heavy rain and snow the previous year,
followed by sharp frosts which caused breaches to occur in the clay
embankments of the three local rivers.

The Old West River, the Wissey, and the Little Ouse overflowed

and the flat saturated farmland was no match for the torrent of


Much of the area was flooded and there were several reports of

water levels reaching as high as fifteen feet!

Whilst Littleport is still vulnerable because it lies below the water

levels, there’s comparatively little risk of flooding these days thanks

to the work carried out to the banks of the Great River Ouse,

the construction of the Denver Sluice, and the two new channels

diverting the water away from the flat  fertile countryside.

It does, however, still flood regularly at Welney,

just a few miles away, where in severe winters, people skate on

the ice.

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